What’s New This Summer?

Puurgen are planning to launch an exciting new range of GSM Tracker devices this summer. The SmartTracker devices are targeted at preventing copper theft on construction sites. The trackers will provide their GPS position once per day in standard operation via a GSM interface. If motion is detected by the device’s sensor, or a user-triggered alarm is activated, the GPS position is then sent once every minute. The trackers are about the size of a matchbox and are supplied ready to be concealed within cable drums. The trackers and associated alarms can be viewed via the internet and the user can opt to receive a text or email when the motion detector is activated.

John Charlick, Puurgen’s CEO comments, “Cable drum theft is a massive issue within the construction industry, creating heavy financial losses through both materials theft and project delays. Our customers are keen to have a device which can track stolen copper, and provide them with the information they need to go to the police.”

Puurgen’s SmartTracker solution employs the cellular network as the access solution. If the GPS position is unavailable (e.g. no line of sight, drums transported in sealed lorry), the nearest last GSM mast data (400m) reading will be available, and the police or the user can track the equipment using that and a 433MHz RF wand.

In idle mode (one GPS per day), the battery life will be between 2-3 months before requiring a recharge which should provide an adequate amount of time to locate the stolen goods.

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