Puurgen Power System at Black Law Wind Farm

Puurgen have won the opportunity to work with Pointer and Scottish Power to design and supply a hybrid solar and wind power system to drive a proof-of-concept remote surveillance solution. The CCTV system will monitor Scottish Power’s wind farm at Black Law in Lanarkshire, and provide a strong deterrent for trespassers and those wishing to vandalise the turbines. Black Law has 42 turbines on site with a total generating capacity of 97 Megawatts, which is sufficient to meet the average electricity needs of 70,000 homes each year. John Charlick, Puurgen’s CEO, adds, “Even in an area with so much power as a wind farm, the infrastructure costs to route power to where it is needed on site can be far greater than the cost of installing a renewable energy system at point-of-use.” Puurgen hope to work on further systems with Pointer and Scottish Power pending a successful pilot of the system at Black Law.

More information on Puurgen’s Solar CCTV and Solar Power Systems can be found on our Products page.

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