A Bridge Too Far

Puurgen have secured a contract with ATEC Security to develop a bespoke Solar CCTV solution which records the registration number of any vehicle causing damage to a local bridge. The IP camera system is activated via a seismic sensor on collision, and records the number plate information as the vehicle leaves the incident. Puurgen’s solution uses a HSUPA router to relay the video via a VPN tunnel so that it can be viewed with a PC from anywhere in the world. John Charlick, Puurgen’s CEO, commented, “This system demonstrates that even when assets are located in remote areas with no power, we can still protect them through convergence of renewable energy, cellular technology and the internet.”

Puurgen expect this system to be popular with construction companies wishing to deter copper and tool theft, and councils and private companies seeking to deter fly-tippers.

More information on Puurgen’s Solar CCTV product suite is available on our Products page.

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