Stem the tide of climate change

The risk from extreme weather events is likely to increase if the world continues to warm, scientists reporting for the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) have warned. It is also ”very likely” that emissions have led to an increase in daily maximum temperatures and regions experiencing longer and more intense periods of  droughts.

The report summary stated that ”extreme events are rare, which means there are few data sets available to make assessments regarding changes in their frequency or intensity.” However, the summary added: “there have been statistically significant trends in the number of heavy precipitation events in some regions.”

The report also looked at small island nations and found that they were likely to be particularly vulnerable as a result of sea-level rises and higher temperatures and that “rapid urbanisation and the growth of mega-cities, especially in developing nations, have led to the emergence of highly vulnerable urban communities.” The Special Report was presented at the IPCC’s 34th Session, which is being held in Kampala, Uganda.

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