Plans for the New Year?

What does 2012 hold for Puurgen? Well, advances into the African renewables market, increased penetration of the Middle East market and development of Puurgen’s second generation of charge controller to name a few!

Puurgen have been aggressively pursuing a route into the African renewables market by working closely with SDI, SE and other bodies that offer access to companies who work in target industries. It is forecast that 30% of Puurgen’s business will come from the African continent by the end of 2012 and steps towards achieving this growth are well under way. A sole supplier agreement has been agreed in principle with a company operating in Nigeria who will utilize their extensive contacts list to push Puurgen solutions. Interest has already been expressed by a number of contacts in Nigeria who view Puurgen’s Solar CCTV System as a vital tool to bring increased security to their local areas.

Further to the deployment of a Puurgen Solar CCTV System in Kuwait our distributors, FTG, are working on deploying more Solar CCTV Systems for their customers in Kuwait. Feedback on the installed Solar CCTV System has been encouraging and Puurgen believe that this will lead to increased opportunities throughout the Middle East region. Stephen Charlick, Puurgen’s Operations Director will be visiting the Middle East in Q1 of 2012 to develop market opportunities.

Development of Puurgen’s next generation of charge controller is scheduled for Q1 & Q2 of 2012. The first generation of charge controllers offered significant increases in energy transfer over solar power systems not employing MPPT technology. Coupled with Puurgen’s technical knowledge of power system sizing the charge controllers provided reliability in areas where continuous power supply has proved to be a challenge with other systems currently available in the marketplace.

Puurgen’s 2G charge controllers will bring increased efficiency, larger power handling and reduced footprint. It will push the boundaries of solar power system capabilities by enhancing the MPPT design currently used in the first generation charge controllers. Puurgen aim to have their 2G charge controllers available by the end of Q2.

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