Wales leads the UK climate change charge

Wales is “on the right path” towards tackling climate change according to a new report for the Climate Change Commission for Wales but still needs to do more to target additional emissions. The Commission has set out 37 recommendations in its first annual report for the Welsh government which include ways to make houses more energy efficient and businesses to go greener. Businesses are questioning the transparency of the agenda despite the Welsh government claiming their agenda is clear.

“There are 30-plus recommendations but the big message is the low carbon economy,” said Peter Davies, the climate change commissioner for Wales, who added “it delivers jobs, it delivers reduced energy needs, it reduces CO2 emissions and that is really where the focus should be. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and Federation of Small Businesses are very clear on the commission that that is a very real weakness in how we’re tackling the transition to a low carbon economy.” However, Andrew Jones, managing director for S&C Electric Europe Ltd based in Swansea, said the Welsh government needs to give a clear message that clarifies what the market potential of low carbon economy actually is.

The Welsh government co-funded the report over its three year development and ensured that Welsh issues were taken into account. In March John Griffiths, Environment Minister, will publish the first climate change strategy for Wales annual report. This will update the Welsh government in addressing the causes and consequences of climate change.

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