Puurgen deliver Solar CCTV System to ATEC Security

Puurgen recently delivered a Solar CCTV System to ATEC Security Ltd aimed at protecting listed structures and areas of natural beauty. Seeking to prevent damage to structures under their remit, British Waterways (BWW) approached ATEC for a solution that afforded remote monitoring of areas of interest. ATEC contacted Puurgen to provide a system that met BWW’s requirements. The Solar CCTV System is the first collaboration between Puurgen and ATEC Security and pushes the capabilities of solar power applications in the UK.

Employing Puurgen’s highly efficient Solar Power System, continuous coverage of the BWW site is supported by an IP camera that that has been used in various high-profile world events such as the Chilean miner rescue in October 2010. Utilizing 3G cellular transmission to send high-resolution video footage to the system operator, data transmission is kept to a minimum by recording and transmitting specific events only. The 3G connection also allows the system operator to access the live and stored footage from anywhere in the world at anytime through a secure encrypted connection.

Speaking after the initial commissioning phase of the project Puurgen’s Operations Director, Stephen Charlick, said “Damage to property in rural locations is a very real issue for land owners who have the expense of repairing the damage. The ability to capture events in real-time and use the footage for prosecution is a useful tool in reclaiming costs incurred.”

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